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“Our real teacher has been and still is the embryo, who is, incidentally, the only teacher who is always right.” Viktor Hamburger (1900-2001). 


June 15, 2022

YES! Raghu’s paper has been finally accepted for publication in the Journal Development! Bravo Raghu!!! Now we know how to make two types of vomeronasal sensory neurons…


June 15, 2022. We are out to celebrate Raghu’s paper acceptance, Raghus’ birthday (and mine), and Raghus’ wedding! What a great day!


April 2022 we all presented at NESDB 2022 meeting, Woods Hole, MA

May 2021, the first unmasked social gathering of our fully vaccinated lab!


September 2019 …. The flyer of our coffee social.

 4/7/2019. NESDB2019 at Woods Hole

FORNILAB 4/3/2019

FORNILAB 9/28/2018

FORNILAB 8/25/2017


FORNILAB 8/30/2016

IMG_0668 (1)

FORNILAB 4/1/2016

LAb photo_6992


  • Paolo Emanuele Forni


Current lab members 

Lab Tech

  • Tyler Mitchell

PhD  Students

  • Nik Mathias

  • Nikki Dolphin

  • Rico Amato


  • Ed Zandro Taroc


  • Raghu Katreddi

Undergraduate Summer Intern 

Noah Hake

Undergraduate Students

  • Tanishka Wiggins
  • Carmela Polizzi

Former Post bacs

  • Joshua R. James
  • Alison Pehl

High school students

Yoosong Song,  Emma Willard High school (STEAM intern 2018-2019)

Past  lab members 

Graduate students:

  • Jennifer M Lin
  • Ankana Naik
  • Emmanuel Adade
  • Philip Bender
  • Alli Catizone
  • Nick Moskwa
  • Amber Altrieth
  • Kelsey Fleming

Post-doctoral fellow

  • Aparna Prasad 
  • Jennifer M Lin

Former Undergraduate students

  • Joshua R. James
  • Alison Pehl
  • Ezinma Dennis
  • Victoria Stoffel
  • Monique Duffus (CSTEP)
  • Ronnie Thomas
  • Kristah Nowell
  • Adam Frances
  • Nicholas Geismar
  • Rabia Jasmin–> CityMD Urgent Care Facility
  • Detchen C. Samdrup–>American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
  • Elizabeth Genis ***Honor thesis***
  • Victoria Stoffel–>Drexel Medical School
  • Waasae Hussain–>Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Gina Rosen
  • Emily Mayo–>University of South Florida, Cell, Molecular, and Microbiology program
  • Hassan Waly
  • Aisha Ulukaya
  • Ed Zandro Taroc–> Molecular, Cellular, Developmental and Neural Biology (MCDN) PhD program at the University at Albany.
  • Morgan Nicolas–>Ohio State University College of Pharmacy.
  • Samuel Ortiz (CSTEP)
  • Magdalis Mendoza (CSTEP)
  • Jesus Frias   (CSTEP)->Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley-> UALBANY MCDN graduate program
  • Morgan Nicolas (CSTEP)–>Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

Former High school students

  • Emily Ma (Emma Willard STEAM intern) –> Brown University
  • Kiran Singh, Emma Willard School, STEAM program 2017-2018


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